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William M. Palmer II
also known as Tariq; Billie

I was born 1970 into a matriarchal home of teachers and raised in the Baptist Church.  That is where I learned to stand on stage in front of a microphone and showcase my soul. My imagination was stimulated but lay dormant for decades.  While incarcerated in Calipatria State Prison I was introduced to Arts In Corrections and fell in love with art.


When my mother died in 2010 I changed my signature from Tariq to Billie in honor of her.  Now I am known as “The Artist With Two Signatures.”  I pray my work will contribute to charities that help those aging out of foster care, and those suffering from mental illness and from sexual abuse.  I want to bring attention to social justice and the policies and laws designed to lock away our youth.  My heart and praise goes out to Artists Serving Humanity for their support in giving many artists a voice, for slaves do not free themselves.

Love, Peace and Soul.

(This artist was paroled in 2019. He is in the process of adjusting to life outside and  continuing as an artist contributing to his community.)

Palmer childhood photo
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