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Vu Bui

Who am I?  I am a 33 year old Vietnamese American man who has awakened after years of sleeping through life.  I am serving a sentence of 35 to Life for a gang-related attempted murder during my youth. Today I am deeply ashamed of and regretful of my actions. 


I came from a family of eight who immigrated to the United States in November of 1993.  I faced three “primary struggles”.  The first was the struggle to fit in which existed from  childhood until going to prison. The second struggle was from 2003 to early 2012. This struggle was one to survive, self-preservation in prison.   And from 2012 onward my struggle has been to free myself and move my life into one of freedom and achievement with great awareness of the struggle I placed my family in due to my actions.


I have awakened to the destructive nature of my previous lifestyle, to the collective pain and suffering brought about through my own decisions, and - most significant - I have awakened to my own positive potential.  As a result, I aspire to be that loud ringing alarm clock for those who are still asleep.


Donating my work is an opportunity to amend past failings and express gratitude for all that sustains me. Each day I seek to improve myself and by doing so, also my environment.

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