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V. Ojeda

I understand how seeing violence at an early age can negatively impact a child's future.  As a youth I was out of control and didn't have any positive decision making skills.  I did negative because that was what I knew.  Prison allowed me to grow up and learn.  Self help groups taught me to be of service to others.


My goal as an incarcerated artist is to create meaningful art generating funds to raise awareness of good causes. I chose to use my life in service to others.  I have never forgotten those who have touched my life in a positive way.  For that reason, I feel compelled to use skills to be of service of others and by bringing awareness of the impact of violence on children.  I design custom art, custom tattoo patterns, calligraphy and can do most anything related to art.  I consider my style to be a mix of Glitter Art, 3D Art and Surrealism Pen Art.

V. Ojeda childhood photo
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