Marlon Siguenza

I was born in El Salvador in 1983 during the Civil War.  My family lived through it and some immigrated to the U.S. afterwards.  I was raised in South Central Los Angeles and Hollywood from 1989 to 2005.  I was mesmerized by the Graffiti art, Marvel Comics and the lowrider car culture.  I began doing art when I was 12 years old.  I am now 35 (2019) years old.


As I reflect on my childhood experiences, I’m inspired to create art pieces teaching people about what went on and to never forget all of the lives lost.  I create pieces depicting the effects of prison.  But I also paint on a variety of topics, such as pieces dealing with the human passions of love, heartbreak and desire.


I have taken responsibility for my crime and have apologized to the family.  I’ve taken major steps to correct my way of thinking and my lifestyle.  I fully appreciate the value and dignity of human life.  I have been doing my best to not hurt others and, to instead, offer a helping hand inspiring others to create art, music and to give back to others.


I thank A.S.H. for giving me an opportunity to give back.

Marlon Siguenza

Siguenza as a young boy_edited.jpg
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