Ruben Martinez

Growing up as a little boy I was not good at sports or any of the things my friends were into. But when I picked up the crayolas my imagination went wild. This was my sport.  Art is what I was good at but no one in my circle really cared too much about art.  Drawing and creating art was within my soul.  By drawing I was able to express what I couldn’t do in sports.  With my art I was able to tell stories without using words.  I was able to capture a moment which only my own eyes could preserve.  Later being confined in a small cell brought about my imagination.  I was able to travel beyond my cell, beyond myself within my art leaving a finger print of how I really felt inside. It took many years to finally realize who I really am inside, my true self.  I understand and accept that I can not change the loss and hurt which resulted from my life of crime.  I can however strive to grow and make amends by giving back using my talents to contribute to society through donations to charities.  Now I feel I’m good at everything I do.  The free spirit within me lets me paint a picture of my bright and colorful future.  I encourage everyone to see art as a way to give back to our youth.  If you can dream it you could make it your reality.  

Martinez, Ruben IMG_6355_edited.jpg
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