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Rodney Edinbyrd

My name is Rodney Edinbyrd.  I would like to thank Artists Serving Humanity for giving me this opportunity to give back and to have a purpose and a reason for opening my eyes each day. I also want the readers to know a long time pen friend had a profound impact on my life.  She passed away last year, and even in her death she made sure I would be able to buy art supplies and continue to give back to society.  Her name is Leslie Ann Dougles.  She was truly my guardian angel. Her love motivated me to look deep within myself and deal with the darkness.  


Doing artwork is really the only light in my life. I live in a world of darkness. I have had to look at my life to understand why I was so broken. We were dirt poor. My mom was proud and would not go on welfare. She did not know it, but I started selling drugs when I was nine years old. It went from bad to worse for many years.  I was 25 when I went to prison. I have been incarcerated for 29 years. Creating artwork and being in Artists Serving Humanity has given me a reason to live.


I am a first termer and I have taken full responsibility for my wrongs.  I am still rehabilitating myself.  I never knew I could draw or paint.  I now realize it is a God given talent, with years of hard work I have found my purpose by donating my work to numerous foundations and art auctions. Through my art and actions you will see a changed man.

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