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Richard M. Henry

Mr. Henry hails from Flushing Meadow, Queens, New York City. He takes his visual artisan quest from New York’s cultural world of graffiti.  He has been drawing for most of his life and has had no professional training.  In his late twenties he came out of a drug addition fog to start his own silk screening business in Syracuse, New York called “Out of Control Productions”  This moniker reflects his difficulty in trying to keep up with the public demands.  At the age of 34 he had a one man show in San Francisco’s Tenderloin Community Festival.

Mr. Henry’s artisan signature is the initial of his original birth name, Miguel Augusto,  as his name was changed after an adoption into the Henry family.  He signs with the two initial mergers into one; an A is found in the second arch of the M. The period to the initials is connected with a reverse 'Henry" inside of the period.  In order to see clearly you need a mirror placed above.  By signing in this way, Mr. Henry symbolically declares his work as coming from his True Self.

“As a visual artist I’ve always known that my art crossed cultural borders.  As an inmate for twenty years I’ve come to believe in the rehabilitative power of art which allowed me to overcome my once held dysfunctional beliefs and understand the lifestyle choices which made me and my life unmanageable.  Art has always given me comfort, solace, and creative freedom which hews vibrant and rich ore from my human spirit.  My art transcends my condition.  In spite of a lengthy prison sentence my art parallels the mythology of the Phoenix.  My purpose is simply to convey through my art a redemption of mind and spirit that connects with people I may never meet.

Richard Henry childhood photo

My words of encouragement are:

"We are each spiritual beings having a human experience.

There are 1,440 minutes in a day which means that we have 1,440 opportunities to strive to lift up another’s spirit."

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