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Ronnie Randon

I came to prison at the age of 32 and sentenced to 26 Years to Life.  I am now almost 60 years old. Through childhood memories, dreams and committing a murder, I have grown towards finding peace and freedom within the storm that was my childhood.


 I always wanted to be an artist.  I became one while incarcerated.  Painting has filled a void in my life what in the past was shadowed with alcohol and drug use.  Painting has allowed me to accept my past pain and channel those feelings into positive places.  Painting has been instrumental in my healing. It is my hope that my artwork will give joy. 

I wish to contribute to Special Olympics and programs against domestic violence.


I am a self taught artist working in acrylics and oils.  I have been painting since 2012.  I am inspired to create from the core of my beliefs, becoming more free everyday, leaning on my faith while reaching out to others.  I am a facilitator for Victim’s Awareness, Alternatives to Violence (AVP) and a coordinator for Celebrate Recovery.  Through these self-help programs the lives of over two thousand prisoners are improved every day.


I seek to create peace through my words and I strive to do the same with my paintings. Facilitating groups and creating art allows me to reach others who quietly may be suffering believing that they are alone.  They are not. Reflected in my life’s work is the recognition of God’s Love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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