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All Day Carlitos Beloved Ways

All Day Carlitos Beloved Ways


This heavily detailed 11.5" x 14.5" penwork was created to resonate with the artists poem.  He is "All Day Carlitos" and every figure represnts a part of the artist. Framed.  "From my grave I'm reincarnated, strengths of many. They look as I rise. Future from the past life, still one heart chasing that special one."

Orginal and Limited Edition Prints available.

Note: a copy of his poem will accompany the art.

  •  I am Carlitos from the beginning.

    With me came an awful hand I was dealt

    A Mother’s passing after I took my first steps

    A Dad’s addiction left us with no parents


    To become with no affection or love

    How to feel wasn’t an option

    Pain was my only friend

    Numb to words, the touch I didn’t feel.


    Now, with no excuse for my wrongs

    I won’t apologize with words

    I will only show my actions to give you my word

    My apology is action.


    Forgiveness is for you to decide

    I’ll carry my cross and burdens

    With high hopes your’ll forgive me

    I have faith an angel will carry our pain and hurt

    to our Lord and then he will judge.


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