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Updated: May 13, 2019

Tell me the worst thing you've ever done

for that's all you are to me.

Speak only of the mistakes you've made

that's all I need to see.

Reveal to me your faults and flaws

and the anguish you have cost.

Failings, to me, are all you are

the rest of you is lost

I will not take you at your word

or acknowledge who you've become.

You are to me nothing more

than the dreadful things you've done.

The rest of us are each a sum

but of you such is not true.

So tell me the worst thing you've ever done

that all I'll see in you.

- B. Brown

Mr. Brown's prison term began at age 21; he has now been incarcerated more than 44 years. The Board of Parole Hearings determines parole suitability. Denials are frequently supported by the Board due to the prisoner's "lack of insight".

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