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Feeling Trapped

Updated: May 13, 2019


Lost in the darkness. The feeling of no where to go or no one close to listen.

On guard without hope and heartbroken. Am I really awake? Can anyone really see me?

Seeing me didn't take but two weeks.

It took two weeks to feel for the first time. "Bonnie and Listos" - finally found Peace.

It took two weeks of trial. It took two weeks to lose. All but two weeks to finally say your life will be trapped in darkness for life.

With everything I started off with, it was finally written on paper.

I guess I had nothing to lose or give my feelings away.

The torture stake I hung for years. Years I didn't even want. So here I wait.

Here behind bars.

Bars of emotions, pain, being unsatisfied, programed to live this way.

I finally found something I can help others with...

I can give back instead of just taking.

Now I can.

I can take the old me and break free from these bars. No longer feeling trapped within.

I can become free, full of light and no longer trapped.

I can give back.

I am free.

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