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Miguel Magaña

I was born in Los Angeles, California to immigrant parents from Mexico.  I’ve been an artist ever since I was a young kid.  I’ve always dreamed of becoming an accomplished painter. Unfortunately I made bad decisions and ended up living a life as a criminal and drug addict.  From a very young age I witnessed violence, abuse, alcoholism and even violent death.


By the Grace of God I have turned from all of that and I’ve been clean of crime and addictions.  Today I live my life as it it was my last day on earth, enjoying every moment possible. Even though I am still incarcerated physically,  I’m free in my mind.  This new found life has inspired me to paint moments in time, wild life, and landscapes, and to explore the many different types of images of beauty.  Painting helps me depict life through my eyes.  Today I live life and enjoy giving back to our communities and to our country.  Today I am following my passion and loving the dream that gives me great satisfaction in knowing that the little kid I once was would be proud of who I’ve become.

Hidden in each of my art creations are the names of my two sons.

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