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James Clark

I was a confused boy growing up.  I had no role models to prepare me for life.  My family life was broken.  I lived with my mom, stepfather, two younger brothers, and two older sisters.  My stepfather and I were at odds with each other my entire life.  I did not know where I fit in. I didn’t make friends easily.  I never felt like I fit in.  Eventually I got into drugs. The drugs only contributed to my confused reality.  

I committed crimes to pay for my drug habit. I committed murder in 1986 and was sentenced to Life Without The Possibly of Parole.  I am truly ashamed of what I did.  I wish I could give back the life I took and make amends to all of the people I have harmed.

I have spent the last 33 years discovering who I am and where I fit in.  I question my actions, both before coming to prison and while I've been incarcerated.

I heard about Artists Serving Humanity while in prison.  I liked that their mission was to help incarcerated artists give back by donating artwork.   I am happy to say that by being a part of Artists Serving Humanity I finally feel that I fit in and have found a little piece of what I have been searching for all of my life - peace.  I am grateful to everyone who volunteers with Artists Serving Humanity for giving me an opportunity to give back to those who are in need.  It has helped me find some peace in my life.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Steve Clark childhood photo
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