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Raymond S. Drumm

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned in my life is that I cannot do everything on my own. In order to be truly successful in life it takes the help of others and also giving back, which is what I’m trying to do with my artwork.  Artists Serving Humanity has given me an opportunity to do just that!


As a kid, due to my pride and ignorance along with embarrassment, I did things “my way”, by myself.  As you can see from my current situation, doing things my way didn’t turn out very well. 


I received a 35 to Life - Three Strikes sentence. I was mad at the world. I had chosen drugs over my freedom. I had a lot of hate in my heart.  I was sent to a Supermax in Colorado which only compounded my struggle. We were locked down from 1990 to 2002.  I didn’t know how to ask for help.  One day I looked in the mirror and saw a person I didn’t like, and admittedly, one that I didn’t know. I was lost. I didn’t know what I was doing or who I had become.  I really needed help and guidance and I asked God for help.  That was the moment my life changed.  I picked up a pen and paper and started to outline my life.  I have been drawing ever since.  Through my artwork I survived inhumane prison conditions and have learned to view life differently.  


I now view life as gift. I have learned to accept help and more importantly, I give to others.  It is through both that I have become a better person. It truly fills my heart with love and pride that I am able to help others with sales from my artwork.  It is my way of giving back.


As the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.  That moment happened for me the day I prayed and asked for help.

Explore the Art - 
Mr Drumm’s artwork is created using lead pencil and various types of pens including Bic and Gel pens and prism art pencils.  All penciled art has been sprayed with a protective fixative. Sizes vary.  As you can see, each piece represents hours of work. This is not his entire collection.
click on the work below to see individual pricing of original artwork or limited edition prints, notecards or mugs, if available (not all works are available in all formats).
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