D. Carson

It is important to have inner strength and to have human connection, especially with those outside.  I doubt many understand how important mail can be.  I was  sentenced to 56 years to life but I may qualify for elderly parole consideration in 2025.  For a long time there was only darkness but now I see a light in the tunnel and I am striving towards it. I was never a gang banger or addict. From the age of 17 to 29 I worked as a custom painter and later did subcontracting for 7 years until arrested. On that day I chose to be with the wrong people at the wrong time and have regretted it every day.  I hope and pray I can be forgiven and earn a second chance to return to society. 


Losing one’s significance in here is a constant struggle because it seems designed to tear you apart and break you down.  I started painting at the State Prison in Lancaster.  When I moved to a different prison they did not have a hobby craft program and they took away all of my art materials. For a long time I was hesitant to paint anything. Now I have started using watercolor, acrylics and colored pencils.

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