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C. Searing

I am serving a sentence of Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP). My artistic side comes from my Grandfather Carlyle Wingett. He was a fantastic oil painter in the Southwestern Realism style.  I was always artistic, but never really devoted myself to it until late in junior high school.  In high school, it was mostly technical drawing.  I was exploring architectural drafting and studying screen printing and creating advertisements for the school newspaper.  I wanted the cartoonist job, but never got it. Later I did carpentry, and wanted to start graphic design.

Unfortunately, I made bad choices and was incarcerated.  Arts in Corrections has provided me with many opportunities to paint.  Much of my art has been fantasy bad girl art - but my prize piece is a 22" x 30" wood duck that I drew for my father.  I am grateful to Artists Serving Humanity for giving me a way to make amends, giving back through my art.

About my childhood photo - In 1982, I waited in line all day to see the movie "ET".  The next few months were spent pointing my finger at things and saying "ouch".

Curt Searing childhood photo
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