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Bill Treadway - aka Wally

Before I came to prison I had the most beautiful family.  I was always happy.  I helped older people clean their homes, do yard work, fix their car, do grocery shopping for them. They used to call on me to go catch fish for them.  We would catch big catfish 10-15-30 pound catfish and perch, bass, bull frogs and crawfish.  We used to put them in our family swimming pool.  We had a garden and we would share our vegetables with everyone.  Then one day I went to my cousin’s and he introduced me to speed.  That was a big mistake. I started selling it and then using it.  I would be up for weeks and I had several car accidents. God was looking out for me.  I ended up in prison.  I thought about my dad, bothers, sisters, girlfriend, kids, and I couldn’t believe the world I had entered.  I saw many bad things.  Then one day my daughter sent me  Bible and she turned my whole life around. Now I am a child of God.  I have been drug free for 20 years.  I don’t smoke or drink.I have learned from my past mistakes.


I want to donate any money to St Jude’s Hospital.  I want to help children. I have tears in my eyes when I think of God’s children suffering.  I pray forgiveness for the person I used to be and  I just want to give back and help people who need help.

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