A. Arroyo

Incarcerated since the age of 17 when I was tried as an adult.Today I am 54 years old.  Over the years I have been locked up I’ve learned to live each day as if it were my last.  The values I’ve obtained inside the walls of prison are the thing I could never lose my appreciation for. The talents I’ve discovered within me are the gifts I would not have acknowledged had it not been for my incarceration.  One of the greatest values I’ve acquired is that now I’m not afraid express the real person I am or share my experiences with others.


Having to face the harm I have caused others is something that I will have to deal with every day of my life.  As long as I carry those memories of my regretful choices I know I can use my pain to help others not to follow walking in my shoes.


My family has always played a role in my life.  Their forgiveness and willingness to help me deal with my situation has taught me a lot about genuine love.


One might say that after spending so many years incarcerated that my life has been a wasted misfortune.  However, looking back and reflecting on all I have learned, my achievements, my education, my friends and my goals, I do not allow negative thoughts of disappointment to overtake me.  Life is for living, wherever you may be.


God Bless You All.

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